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  Update: 2011-01-13  
Skizze für die Mass-Abnahme


Gentlemen sizes


The German size system is one of the best size systems in the world

although not being as simple as you may think


But we can help you with size problems

  • because we offer you a variety of special sizes and
  • tailor-made clothing without any size limitations

suits, jackets and trousers

Please note the following measurements in inches or cm and fill them in underneath:

(relaxed breathing, normal posture, in trousers and shirt)

    • body hight (How tall are you without shoes, from top to toe?)
    • chest size (measured round the strongest/upper part of the chest. Put the measuring tape horizontally round the strongest/upper part of the chest, (relaxed breathing). At the back the measuring tape should be laid over the shoulder blades)
    • stomach size (Put the measuring tape round the waist at navel hight, measured at navel hight)
    • waist size (Put the measuring tape round your waist above the waistband according to the way the trousers are worn. Do only wear a shirt; measured directly above the waistband)
    • bottom/buttock size (Put the measuring tape horizontally round the strongest part of your hips and buttocks/bottom.)
    • jacket back length (Measure the total back-length of a well-fitting jacket along the middle seam from the upper edge of the collar to the bottom seam.)
    • arm length (Measure the outer arm length of a well-fitting jacket from the outside, starting at the upper shoulder seam of the arm hole and ending at the hand. Give the measurements separately for the right hand side and for the left hand side)
    • inside leg (Measure the length of the inside leg from the top (between the legs) to the floor without wearing shoes.)

 Shirt sizes

    • Please give the neck size in additional to the above measurements. (When you measure the tape should be lower at the front than at the back and there should be a finger's space between the neck and the measuring tape)


You may use our free advisary service which starts here.

Please, fill in the gaps and give us the necessary information ...

and we can confirm we have the exact size and cut for you

Give the exact measure in "inches" or in "cm".Thank you.


Do you measure in

inches or cm?

Body hight

Neck size

Chest size

Stomach size

Waist size

Hip size

Jacket back size

Jacket arm length, left

Jacket arm length, right

Inside leg

For further information

Your name please

Telephone number

Please give me a call .

You reach me best

on at


We do our very best to give you the call at your favorite time.

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